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Nadi Astrology Prediction Nadi astrology centre Jaipur Rajasthan Results of Planets in various Houses - The planets not only influence your characteristics by being in a sign, but also shape your personality by being present in a particular house at a particular time. Results of birth in various Nakshatras - you must have heard the term ‘’Nakshatra’’ at some point in your life. Did you know that there are altogether 28 Nakshatras and your birth in a particular Nakshatra defines your physical features, character, general life, education, marriage and career aspects? Results of birth in Various Lagnas - Lagna or the sign ascending at birth also plays a major role in defining the physical traits, ailments and characteristics. One should know what happens when any one out of the twelve signs is the Langa or the rising sign. So, get hold of your horoscope and contact us e-mail- Dasha Interpretation - Planets keep changing their position in a person’s lifetimeand result in a particular Dasha. Each individual planet controls a single Dasha. One should know the general and specific effects of a particular Dasha and interpret the consequences.
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